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Finncorp Auditors

With an increasing demand for auditing, Finncorp recently created a separate division to service this demand - Finncorp Auditing. We have a reputation of reliability, professionalism and getting the job done when it comes to company and individual auditing.

With 3 registered company auditors as part of our team, we have the experience and ability to help your audit run as smoothly as possible. Finncorp has held various substantial audits for many large organisations and registered clubs, as well as many smaller audits for companies and individuals.

Through the auditing process you will be provided with detailed management reports to ensure that what we learn through the audit is fully disclosed and understood by the client. Finncorp takes regular reviews of it’s auditing processes to ensure best practice and also providing the most cost effective solutions.

Finncorp also looks to protect client’s by offering audit insurance from $200. This option is available to those who want to minimise accounting costs if anything unforeseen arises through the process.

Personal involvement by our principals on all auditing assignments is a feature of Finncorp ensuring client’s will have access to the correct information or advice on their audit when needed. Get in touch with us if you would like more information on Finncorp Auditors.